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Innovations in English Language Teaching and Learning: The Turkish Perspective

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Innovations in English Language Teaching and Learning: The Turkish Perspective FOREWORD In this publication we wish to share some of the interesting innovations in the teaching and learning of language which are currently taking place with the context of Turkish education. It is our hope that this will serve as the first volume in what will become a long series celebrating the research being conducted in this country. We begin this journey in the volume presented here, which consists of eight chapters. Turkey is now playing a major role in the development of science and technology in the world, notes Christopher Babatunde Ogunyemi in the introductory chapter. This contemporary role has created a dynamic landmark in terms of the degree of recognition that the country currently enjoys. To further substantiate their strong international reputation in learning and teaching, the author suggests, it is expedient to redefine teaching and learning in English within the Turkish context. The second chapter, authored by Ferit Kılıçkaya, Jarosław Krajka and Małgorzata Latoch-Zielińska, focuses on e-learning. The implementation of e-learning, blended learning and distance learning in foreign language instruction has, suggest the authors, become widespread all over the world, including Turkey. With the generation of Digital Natives learning at schools, instructors face the challenge of providing distance learning courses and materials that would meet necessary standards. The re-evaluation of curriculum models and evaluation criteria is thus needed to ensure high quality of distance instruction. This chapter will report on different models of distance learning courses, reflecting on their applicability for English language teaching in Turkey. Moreover, course design guidelines are provided to facilitate effective authoring of online programs.

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