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Pipe Drafting and Design (2nd Edition)

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This book provides students with the basic skills they will need to prepare a wide range of piping drawings. It presents a step-by-step approach to the basic fundamentals students will need to begin a successful career in industrial drafting and design. Chapter One gives a quick overview of the many opportunities in drafting and design for those who master the basic skills presented in the following chapters. Then each chapter builds on the preceding one. It is necessary therefore to master the concepts in a given chapter before going on to the next one. Each chapter concludes with exercises and questions designed to help students review and practice the concepts presented in that chapter.

About the Authors
Chapter 1: Overview of Pipe Drafting and Design
Chapter 2: Steel Pipe
Chapter 3: Pipe Fittings
Chapter 4: Flange Basics
Chapter 5: Valves
Chapter 6: Mechanical Equipment
Chapter 7: Flow Diagrams and Instrumentation
Chapter 8: Codes and Specifications
Chapter 9: Equipment Layout
Chapter 10: Piping Arrangement Drawings, Sections, and Elevations
Chapter 11: Standard Piping Details
Chapter 12: Piping Systems
Chapter 13: Piping Isometrics
Chapter 14: Customizing AutoCAD
Chapter 15: Three–dimensional Modeling of Piping Systems
Appendix A. Dimensional Data
Appendix B. Review of Lettering
Appendix C. Alphabet of Lines
Appendix D. Review of Math
Appendix E. Use of the Calculator
Appendix F. Architect’s Scale

Author Details
"Roy A. Parisher"

"Robert A. Rhea"

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